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What Are the Most Popular Autumn Flowers?

The first brown, yellow, and orange leaves have just appeared on the trees and there was a chilly breeze early in the morning - autumn has officially started. Whether you feel melancholy for the departure of summer or excitement about the arrival of the colder part of the year, there’s one thing that you can’t deny - there’s a special type of beauty in fall that cannot be found in any of the other seasons. The colorful trees, the fading warmth of the orange sunsets, the mysterious morning mists, and, of course, the flowers of fall.

Although, in autumn, nature slowly prepares itself for its winter sleep, and it’s less common for plants to grow or bloom during this season, there’s still a surprising number of beautiful fall flowers that you can plant in your garden or gift to a special person.


You wouldn’t normally think of roses as autumn flowers, but, to the surprise of many, rose bushes are actually quite resilient and would often bloom right up until the beginning of winter.

Roses are typically associated with love, passion, and romance, making them the perfect gift for your significant other, or for someone you have feelings for. However, aside from the well-known red rose, there are many other differently-colored types of roses, including yellow, white, pink, orange, burgundy, and more. This means that you can gift rose bouquets in other situations that aren’t necessarily related to love and romance, although the latter still remains the best fit for this type of flower.


Although most people wouldn’t normally associate the coming of fall with cheerfulness and joy, that is exactly the type of feelings evoked by the sight of bright-yellow sunflowers. The sunflower is one of the most typical late-season flowers and a bouquet of these is certain to uplift the spirits of anyone who’s been having the autumn blues.

A sunflower bouquet is a great gift for almost every situation - it can be a gift for the birthday of your mother, sister, or friend, or you can buy it as a romantic gift for your wife, girlfriend, or crush if you want something less conventional than a roses bouquet.

In general, the sunflower is associated with loyalty, happiness, and adoration. In some places of the world, such as China, the sunflower also symbolizes longevity, vitality, and good luck.

All in all, if you are looking for a universal type of flower during autumn, the sunflower is a great option.


The Snapdragon is a less conventional type of flower known for its long stalk, and unique, brightly-colored blooms. Snapdragons come in many different colors, including white, red, pink, and yellow, making them a great addition to any autumn bouquet. Across history and different cultures, the snapdragons have carried many different meanings. Primarily, this type of flower is often associated with grace due to their height and with strength due to its ability to thrive in harsh conditions.


There are many kinds of charming autumn flowers, but if I had to pick one as the best, that flower would be the chrysanthemum. Like the sunflower, the chrysanthemum blooms primarily in fall, but unlike the sunflower, it offers a wide variety of colors and subtypes.

Since the chrysanthemum is a typical autumn flower, it’s often associated with beauty and joyfulness in spite of the coming harsher weather and the arrival of winter. In some places, like Australia, this is also the traditional Mother's Day flower, as the nickname of chrysanthemums is “mums”. In China, this is also the flower of good luck and longevity.

Additionally, since there are several chrysanthemum colors, the meaning associated with the flower also varies based on its specific color.

Red chrysanthemums

As is with most red flowers, the red chrysanthemums are primarily associated with romantic love, passion, and deep affection towards a beloved person. This makes the chrysanthemum a great alternative to the all-too-common red rose bouquets, as well as a great addition to a mixed red flowers arrangement, to surprise your significant other.

Yellow chrysanthemums

In older, Victorian traditions, the yellow chrysanthemums actually carried a negative meaning: they symbolized sorrow or neglected love. However, in more modern times, the meaning conveyed by them has shifted quite a bit. In the United States, for example, the yellow chrysanthemum is currently seen as a flower that symbolizes happiness, joviality, and cheerfulness, making it the perfect flower gift for someone’s birthday celebration.

White chrysanthemums

In many cultures, the white chrysanthemums are exclusively used as remembrance and condolences flowers, but it’s important to note that this kind of chrysanthemum is also commonly associated with purity, innocence, loyalty, and honesty, meaning that it can be used for a lot of different occasions and be added to a variety of flower arrangements.

Violet chrysanthemums

The violet chrysanthemums are often used as well-wishing flowers and included in get-well bouquets. They are a good choice as a gift for someone recovering from a health problem, and a way to wish them a quick recovery.

Green chrysanthemums

The green chrysanthemum is associated with a list of positive meanings, and it symbolizes rebirth, reinvigoration, youthfulness, vigor, and renewal. It’s a great flower for a number of occasions and can be added to all kinds of flower arrangements.

As you can see, the chrysanthemum is the perfect kind of autumn flower, fit for all kinds of occasions and close people. Whether you want to surprise your beloved for your anniversary together, get a flower gift for the birthday of a close friend, or simply buy flowers for your mother, you can’t go wrong with a delightful chrysanthemum bouquet.

Who said that autumn has to be a depressing and gloomy season? It’s just a matter of perspective, and gifting someone close to you a nice bouquet of autumn flowers is a great way to change theirs, and make them fall in love with the beauty of autumn!