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Romantic Floral Fashion For The Modern Bride

Weddings tend to change from time to time. When a dress, venue, or hairstyle becomes popular, you will see it become a trend. The same is true with wedding flowers. Some years brides lean toward single flowers with flowing ribbons, and the next a full bouquet of rosebuds may be the hot look. The modern bride wants the best there is to offer.

This year there are some exciting trends. Many of these have not been seen before and some have a modern twist to selections used generations ago. You are sure to find the floral fashion you are looking for a ultra-chic and modern look.


There is nothing more beautiful or more romantic than stepping through the threshold of a wedding venue that is draped in greenery and blooms. This is called a “Statement Of Entrance”. They are being seen in all the elegant wedding venues.

Hanging flowers are also on the list for wedding decor this year. Baskets of hanging flowers with vines and greenery hanging in the air above the reception table, alter or arches are on everyone's list.

Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is anything but quiet. Very large, oversized bouquets are the fashion for 2017. There is little in the way of accessories. It is all about the flowers. The look of homegrown or fresh picked flowers is the favorite. The look is that mother nature sent the flowers just for her.

The flowers are fully bloomed in jewel tones or shocking hot pink. The oversized flower crown is replacing the veil. This offsets the latest in wedding gowns. Brides are wearing soft dresses with less fluff this year. The colors that are most popular for wedding gowns is champagne or ivory. However, many brides are walking down the aisle in smokey gray. You can see bridal gowns like this here.


The bridesmaid arrangements are to offset the bride. This can be done with a smaller version of the large and colorful bouquet she is carrying or with the opposite. That means the bride has the vibrant colors and larger than life flowers while the bridesmaid carries a few white blooms in a lush bed of greenery. The smaller flower crown is also acceptable for this bridesmaid, but no head piece at all is trending a bit more.

Flower party

With the natural, fresh picked look being the goal, many brides are making it a party. The bride, bridesmaids, and florists get together the day before the wedding with the selections chosen and with a little help from the florist, each girl makes her own bouquet. You will probably want to do this at the flower shop after hours or at least allow the florist to refrigerate the flowers overnight and deliver them to the wedding for safe keeping.

From the beach wedding to the formal wedding in a cathedral, 2017 will go down as the year of the flower. The selections work well with the country (barn) wedding or in your grandmother’s church. So get the flowers you love and don’t restrict yourself. Anything goes.

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