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8 Top Exotic Flowers Around The Globe

Over the past years, floral arrangements have become one of the most popular choices in decorations. Due to this,  the demand for tropical and exotic flowers has grown tremendously as well. Beautiful, vibrant flowers are one of the most common ways to mark a day memorable. Flowers not only have aesthetic importamce, but they are also one ideal way to express your emotions or gratitude.

One of the most unique set of flowers that you can get are exotic flowers that are native to certain land, however, when introduced or bought in a foreign ecosystem they can adapt to climate changes and flourish efficiently.

Due to their adaptability and sustainability, these stunning exotic flowers are always the top choice and are used profusely in most event decoration and home flower arrangements. We have listed down some popular exotic flowers that are used by most florists around the world, which you must consider the next time you give flowers or simply plan to host an event for your loved ones.


There are around 30,000 species of orchids available in the world, however, the most popular variety is the cascade orchids. Orchids can bloom throughout the year and have one of the widest range of colours to brighten your day. Orchids are typically imported from Thailand and are perfect for bouquet arrangements. They are extensively used in weddings and are often the first choice for a bridal bouquet.

Calla lilies

Calla lilies have a delicate aroma of vanilla and are known for their unusual flower petals and vibrant colour leaves. These types of exotic flowers are incredibly beautiful and easy to maintain. They are easily available in white, pink, purple, yellow, and even in black shades. Calla lilies are often linked to the goddess Hera by ancient Greeks and are popular choices in wedding bouquets.


Anthurium flowers are natives of the rainforests of Colombia and are known for their waxy appearances. They are one of the most unique sets of flowers that can add an effortless exotic touch to any flower arrangement and bouquet. They are extremely easy to maintain and have the longest vase life compared to other flowers on the list. They are available in many bright and beautiful colours such as white, orange, purple, green, and many more.

Bird of paradise

This evergreen exotic flower plant is a native of South Africa and is used by most florists as the main component in creating vertical lines in any flower arrangement.  This flower is known for having many symbolic meanings such as freedom, immortality, optimism, success, paradise on earth, and many more. These flowers can be a perfect choice of gift for anniversary celebrations.


Celosia flowers are grown widely in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and South Africa. They are also called “brains” by florists due to their brain-like curl shape and are often a stand out addition to any bouquet. They are available in a range of fiery and bright colours including red, orange, pink, purple, and have a pleasant and lovely herbal scent.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is popularly known as the “May Flower''. Due to its alluring appeal, it becomes popular for brides on their wedding day. These flowers live for a short period of time and have the sweetest scent of all. These flowers symbolize youth, purity, happiness, and sincerity.


Hyacinth flowers are known for their unusual and bulbous blooms that sprout in a huge variety of colours. They grow in abundance in the warm climates of Turkey and the Middle East regions. These flowers were originally bought in Europe in the 16th century and now can be easily spotted in the English gardens across the UK. They are often related to ancient Greeks and are commonly associated with sports.


Tulips being a member of the lily family are considered as the heart winners. These bright and stunning flowers are mostly seen around springs and have the beauty that threatens the popularity of roses. They symbolize royalty, prosperity, endurance, love, and abundance. You can use them in any event decoration and flower arrangements in your home. 

Where can you buy exotic flowers?

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