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Best Flowers to Plant in Winter

Damon Culbert, Indian Fire Bowl Company

Even though it’s gloomy outside, this doesn’t mean our gardens should look the same. With everybody spending much more time in their homes this winter, it could be vital to create a welcoming and beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. Gardening grew massively in popularity through the summer of 2020, providing a hobby for countless people stuck at home that produces visible results to be enjoyed.

However, the winter can be a bit demoralising, especially for new gardeners, when the flowers we plant at peak times die or hibernate in the cold. To combat this, planting flowers and plants that thrive in winter gives your garden purpose throughout the year and means you can continue to retreat to a colourful and calming space no matter the season.

We at the Indian Fire Bowl Company carried out some research to find out what the most popular winter flowers on Instagram were to give you an indication of how you can create a stunning and on-trend winter garden.

The top 5 flowers that thrive in winter

1. Holly - 1,066,776 posts

The quintessential Christmas plant, the holly’s bright red berries make for beautiful pictures. Adding this bush to your garden may also attract birds throughout the winter when fruit is scarce.

Holly bushes are fairly low-maintenance, enjoying partial shade and perfectly suiting flower borders or patios. There are a huge range of holly variations, some without the signature spiked leaves, so you can choose a plant that best suits the needs of your garden.

2. Quince - 892,580 posts

Flowering quince bushes are thorny shrubs that produce beautiful flowers in red, orange, white or pink. Another fairly easy to grow bush, quince doesn’t need much water but flowers best in full sunlight, so consider how the winter sun will affect the placement of this plant in your garden.

3. Snowdrops - 364,112 posts

Snowdrops produce dainty flowers, typically in white but they come in a variety of colours. They flower often between January and March and, as a perennial, will continue to flower for several years.

Plant these flowers in partial shade and keep the soil moist for the best chances of long life.

4. Pansies - 224,892 posts

Pansies are a very hardy flower which can survive very low temperatures. These flowers also bloom several times so if you lose flowers in significantly cold weather, they are likely to grow back again, filling your garden with regular colour.

An ideal pot plant for the winter months, though pansies don’t do well in hotter temperatures, so they may not survive through the summer months depending on your climate.

5. Cyclamen - 176,684 posts

Hardy cyclamen fare excellently in cold weather and provide a great amount of colour when not much else is flowering. They also complement snowdrops when planted together in shady borders or at the base of trees.

Tips for winter gardening

When it actually comes to winter time, here are a few jobs you should do to make sure your garden is looking its best and can be enjoyed to the fullest even when the temperature drops to its lowest.

1. Tidy up

  • Rake up leaves to prevent slippery paths and add them to your compost heap.
  • If you have one, clear and cover your pond to protect your local wildlife.

2. Compost

  • Add a layer of compost to your plants to protect them from frost.
  • Add mulch for an extra layer of protection and vital nutrients for wildlife to feed on.

3. Plant care

  • Prune roses to prevent wind rock.
  • Protect young trees by covering them with a fleece or polythene.
  • Wrap up plant pots that contain shrubs to protect their roots from freezing.

While winter can often feel colourless and lifeless, incorporating flowers like the ones on our list will ensure your garden is filled with life. This will be especially beneficial with the rise in home working and continued stay at home orders.

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