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Looking as Good as your Flowers

When you run a small business, sometimes the work just piles so high you forget about the details. As an owner of a small flower shop, though, you can’t afford to let details like your personal appearance slip past you. It becomes increasingly important the longer your shop is in operation that you maintain a perfect personal appearance.

Most people pay great attention to how they look during their soft and grand openings. People rightly assume that customers will assess their personal appearance in determining whether they care about their business and how much attention they put into selecting and presenting product to customers. These assumptions remain true long after opening weeks, month, or even year, however. It’s important that you maintain your personal appearance for as long as your business doors remain open, because customers will develop an opinion about you and your business over a long period of time. The time in which your customers observe you and comment on your business isn’t just opening week, but as long as your business is open.

As such, you’ll need to make sure you stay well-dressed every time you open your doors for business. You can’t afford to stay in grubby clothes that you used to unload delivery trucks, sweep out the back dock, or take old stock to the garbage dumpster. Dress in some snazzy clothes with help from Groupon Coupons for Avenue to show your clients that you care about how you look and you will win their repeat business visit after visit.

Of course, as a small business owner you are thinking about whether or not you have room in your budget to be spend money on clothing. Sure, it’s important to make sure your shop looks great, including investing in fantastic inventory. But if you don’t invest in your employees, namely yourself, your business is never going to have the chance to take off.

You need to take the time and little bit of money to invest in your appearance and it will pay off hugely. Your customers will come back regularly for flowers at a shop whose owner obviously cares about appearances.

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